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Higher education in Galilee

Ort Braude Karmiel

The Academic College of Engineering Ort Braude is an academic institution operating with funding and endorsement of the Council of Higher Education and confers a Bachelor of Sciences (B.Sc.) degree in the. There are more than 4,000 students registered in this college of which 2,800 study to achieve academic degrees in engineering and science. The rest attend pre-academic study programs and in the technological college for practical engineers.

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The Academic College Western Galilee in Acre

This college has been offering a range of academic courses for a BA with the supervision of Bar Ilan University since 1994 and as a result has been accredited as an Academic College in 2000. The college is in the midst of a process for being endorsed as an independent organization with an acknowledgement of its innovative study programs by the Council of Higher Education. 1,840 students are admitted to this college and 1,606 students have already graduated from it with much success.

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The Kinneret college in the Jordan Valley

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Today it is an independent academic institution empowered to grant degrees in a large variety of fields by the Israel Council for Higher Education. In the school of engineering the undergraduate students study for a BA in electricity engineering and electronics as well as IT engineering. In the Department of Hotel and Tourism Management theory is combined with practice in the tourist sites of the Jordan Valley.

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Yezreel College

At the heart of Emek Yezreel, in a modern campus surrounded by green cypress trees there are 5000 students who combine high standard academic studies with practical experience. The academic staff comes from some of the best academic institutions in Israel. Here, at the college, the door is open, students get personal attention and the staff is supportive and attentive. Campus life is rich and students’ lives are vivacious.

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