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Galilee - Industry

The Galilee has a fascinating blend of low- and high-tech industry. While agriculture still plays an important role in the Galilee’s economy, there are a large number of high-tech companies operating in this scenic region. In fact, some of the country’s cutting edge high-tech defense technologies were developed at RAFAEL located in Misgav, in western Galilee.

The Galilee has skilled manpower (an estimated 2,700 scientists and engineers), ample resources, and in-depth expertise and technological capabilities at its disposal. There are currently about 167 companies and factories in the Galilee, and an estimated 120 new businesses are set up each year. Communications, information technology, electronics, optics, semiconductors, life sciences, plastics, automated machinery, and chemical companies are among those located in the region.

A number of Israel’s leading high-tech success stories got their start in the Galilee. One notable success is Galileo Technology, which in late 2000 was acquired by the Marvell Technology Group for $2.7 billion in shares. The company, now known as Marvell Israel, specializes in developing VLSI integrated circuits for communications and data storage.

ISCAR, founded by well-known industrialist Stef Wertheimer, manufactures and markets precision carbide metal working tools worldwide. ISCAR supplies metal removal products to major industries, including automotive, aerospace, dies and mold, and a variety of mass production industries.
Elbit Systems, an international defense electronics company, engages in a wide range of defense-related programs throughout the world. Active in the areas of aerospace, land and naval systems, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and others, Elbit Systems has a factory in Karmiel.
Local textile leaders, Delta Galil Industries and Tefron, also have factories in the Galilee. Delta Ltd. is a leading global apparel company specializing in intimate apparel, men's underwear, and socks. Tefron is a manufacturer of seamless wear, whose products are sold worldwide by brand marketers and specialty retailers. By contrast, Galilee Silks produces exquisite handmade silk products.

A Hub for High-Tech Industry
Industrial parks have become hubs of high-tech activity in the Galilee. Some of the country’s leading manufacturers have factories in local industrial parks, including Strauss Elite (Bar Lev), ISCAR (Tefen), and Tefron (Teradion).
Parks located in the Galilee include:
• Bar Lev Industrial Park
• Karmiel Science Park
• Koren Ma’alot Industrial Park
• Lavon Industrial Park
• Migdal Ha’Emek Science Park
• Teradion Industrial Park
• Tel-Hai Industrial Park
• Tefen Industrial Park
The Tefen Industrial Park also houses the Open Museum, featuring Israeli art and sculpture. There is also an exhibition of antique cars.
Incubating Ideas, Encouraging Entrepreneurs
Technological incubators provide entrepreneurs with the opportunity to develop their innovative ideas and set up new businesses in order to commercialize them. There are seven technological incubators located in the Galilee:
§ Kinarot – Jordan Valley Technological Incubator
§ Meytag High Tech Ventures, Golan Heights
§ Meytav – Technological Enterprises Initiation Center, Kiryat Shmona
§ Misgav Technology Center, Misgav
§ Naiot Technological Center, Yokneam
§ New Generation Technology, Nazareth
§ Yozmot Ha’Emek Ofek La’Oleh, Migdal Ha’Emek
Creating an Attractive Environment for Doing Business
With lower infrastructure costs and reduced municipal taxes, the cost of setting up a business in the Galilee is substantially lower . The government has created a supportive environment, and attractive incentives, that make doing business in the Galilee an excellent proposition. For more information, see the Galilee Business Network website.
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